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An Afterword: In Pursuit of One's Character: The Moral Imagination

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I’ve written seven plays with over forty different characters. As disparate as the situations are among the plays, I believe there is an emerging significant central theme. I wanted to explore and make more explicit the notion and evolution of the “moral imagination.” Hence, An Afterword.

The Afterword begins with tracing the story of my imaginary friend Gail. She is the main character in my first volume of a trilogy of plays called Gail’s Place. She often feels riveted in significant social moments. What grips her is an acute awareness of personal responsibility and an inner thrust to express her perceptions.


About Tom Anselmo

Tom Anselmo is the author of two volumes of plays, Gail’s Place and Three 1-Act Plays. He is also the coauthor of the textbook Thinking and Writing in College, and is the author of educational games and multiple articles. Tom also served as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, helping their staff develop editorial skills.

Tom was a professor of English composition at NYC Tech at CUNY (City University of New York) until his retirement in 1992. Since then, he has been writing full-time. Tom and his wife, Leslie, reside in New York City.



The main character in a trilogy of plays I’ve written is Gail. In the last play of the series, she is trying to help her husband, Ron, a college teacher, face the challenge of a delicate professional issue. The following is a snippet of a dialogue from that play:

Gail:         Not all choices about how to act are clear-cut. Maybe Ron and I need to
                be more circumspect…There are things we’d like that you’re not
                concerned with.

G__l:        Like getting along, getting by, getting ahead?

Gail:         What’s wrong with wanting that?

G__l:        As long as they don’t compromise your character.

Gail:         As long as they don’t compromise you!

G__l:        The same thing.

Gail:         You’re a tough cookie.

G__l:        I’m sorry, it’s my nature.


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